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KH 86 BR 53
This 86cm wide hob features five SABAF burners with one triple-flame, three dual flame and one mini triple flame burner and auto electric ignition. It comes in black tempered glass and iron grills with stainless steel dip tray making it perfect for your contemporary kitchen and cooking style.


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Product Information
  • Powerful 5 brass burners with 1 heavy duty triple flame , 3 dual flame, 1 Mini triple flame burner  
  • Black tempered glass (8 mm thick)
  • Auto electric ignition
  • Diamond cut tapered front
  • Heavy duty cast iron grills
  • Stainless steel dip tray
  • Ergonomic easy grip knobs
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Size 86 cm
  • Inner cutting size : 825x475 mm
  • Outer cutting size : 865x525 mm
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