BLH 302
The sleek and spacious hob with only two burners allows you to keep everything neat and organized. Perfect for your daily cooking, the two-burner hobs never lets you run out of space in its broad assembly.


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Product Information
  • 2 Full Brass Burners with 1 Mini Triple Ring Burner, 1 Dual Ring Burner.
  • 8 mm Thick Black Tempered Glass
  • Brass Burner Caps Painted in Black + Brass Flame Spreader
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Stainless Steel Dip tray
  • Auto Electric Ignition
  • With Decorative Stripe on All Sides
  • Front Control with Metal Knob
  • With Flame Failure Device
  • Size : 30 cm.
  • Inner Cutting Size : 265 X 475 mm
  • Outer Cutting Size : 300 X 520 mm
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