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Do you fancy an artistic kitchen or an ordinary kitchen?

Are you psyched up for outfitting new cabinetry in your kitchen? Or up on revamping it through? Kaff India is the most trusted name not only for its top-notch kitchen appliances and high-end accessories, but in the arena of kitchen hardware as well.

Know what's what?

You’ve probably already heard about Kaff to be one of the most recognizable kitchen appliance brand names. With that, it’s also making sure that you buy kitchen cabinet hardware of best brand that is not necessarily the most expensive one.

Kitchen Door Hinges / Cabinet Door Hinges

Are you far from being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kind of a person and you hate it to take careful note of not making a hassle while opening and closing your kitchen door or cabinet door?

Call it a decorative protection, which is designed especially for you. Not only in a kitchen door, but it’s broadened to be installed in kitchen display cabinets as well as in bedroom wardrobes and also elsewhere around the house and kitchen handles.

Kaff’s kitchen hinges and cabinet hinges in 7 different designs and functions are best hinges available in variations of 95, 100, 135, and 175-degree hinge opening angle, which will finely adjust at all the angles. Clip-on or slide-on kitchen cabinet hinges allow the cabinet door frame to be totally concealed and fit together snuggly with kitchen cabinet handles.

In addition, they come with a soft close feature that enhances movement of doors and the like, preventing slamming. Believe you me, with soft close allowing smooth opening and closing action, your life would get equally smoother too!

Some models which are removable from the cabinet door prove to be handy as well! So, peeps, why deprive your kitchen of such an amazing thing out there? Figure one and buy hinges online for your kitchen need now!

Ball Bearing Slides

We make your kitchen stylishly luxurious with range of our kitchen appliance that has been attracting widespread customer appreciation.

And with the winds of change, ball bearing slides justly mean the difference of inconvenience versus years of relief that follow. Slide the wooden drawers and wire baskets ensuring smooth movement in and out.

Kaff’s slides are designed in different models with exceptionally good finishes like nickel, zinc plated steel, and zinc coated metallic grey finish, appealing an affluent look. The weight rating or the loading capacity of all Kaff’s ball bearing slides is 45 Kg, which makes it a decent fit for heavy-duty applications too. Determine what length of slide you need from the plenty of available sizes from 250 to 600 mm


Your kitchen should entail this appliance, if you wish to impart a classy touch to it. Choose either of Double wall standard drawer slides, double wall single gallery drawer and double wall double gallery drawer for yourself. You can choose from grey, white and stainless steel too. Perfect. Isn’t it?

Equipped with Concealed Synchronized full extension slide, this drawer would make one such accessory your kitchen would love to have. To scale up the performance, it includes integrated slow motion for mute and admirably easy closing action. With load capacity of 40 kg to 50 kg, it is available in 4 different lengths of 350mm, 450mm, 500mm and 550mm.

And, Glass box-side and stainless steel are likely to be the features your kitchen icon must be having already. Rush and buy one for your kitchen cabinet soon!

Add-Ons for KBox DWD

Want your products to rest in place? Bring any or Kaff’s entire variety of add-ons like Anti Slip Mat, and Plate Holder home.

Stack all your plates without taking much of your kitchen space.

Want more? So, you can keep your drawer organized with Kaff's Bottle or Utensil Divider and Square Gallery Side Connector. Whether you are storing utensils or bottleswith this, keep the items in a proper organized way.

A stainless steel Cutlery Box will be a classic addition to your kitchen drawer. Now with all these add-ons, who can ever mess up with a messy drawer?

Lift-Up & Gas Spring

Kaff’s Lift-Up Heavy Duty Gas Spring available in different force types of 60N, 80N, 100N, 120N and 150N, giving you ease of access and superior cabinet support.

While the Gas Spring is designed to be 10 inches in length for convenience and easy installation, you would want any of the silver or white finish for your kitchen cabinet, for sure.

Refined, Decorous, Smart, Classic Nonetheless!

Long- established company for kitchen components to kitchen ware.

The kitchen sinks, kitchen accessories, kitchen appliances , hob, chimneys, microwave, dishwasher customized kitchen hardware by Kaff have been outreaching to people of all class. With the add-ons kicking in the kitchen world, we are all geared up to serve you with the best!

Cost effectiveness, Installation and Operation assistance, User Manual. You get everything but ordinary at Kaff!

An unmatched symphony of quality, variety and style: KAFF India

The unique scalloped design and edging by Kaff, offers an all-inclusive classic aesthetic that complements a wide variety of kitchen decors.

Kaff India is geared to offer you products that live up to your expectations by incorporating the latest trends of the market, bringing in new products, better services and constant improvement. The brand has gained an edge-over all contemporary competitors laying emphasis on quality and client satisfaction.

It’s time for you to show some visionary outlook and home-making acumen, choosing Kaff kitchen cabinet hardware while you buy kitchen hardware online. It’s easily perfect choice! What say?

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