The built in microwaves have become quite common in stoves and ovens. When looking to buy a new oven for your kitchen or in order to replace an old one, or while upgrading a kitchen, a built in microwave is something that needs to be considered.

The first point that you’ll notice as a buyer is that the built in microwave price in India is more than of a standalone model, but it has multiple edges over the latter.


Extremely Handy

There are high chances are that a best built in microwave oven might rather be the choice for you as they are extremely handy and save you much necessary space on the kitchen counter tops. This is more beneficial in homes with very small kitchens and/or extremely little counter space on top.

As trying to change your cook tops is a difficult task at times. So, that’s when you need to know about what you have to look out for in the stove tops.


Ease of Use & Stylish Look

A built in microwave features in various heights for a cook. A standalone model will always be the same height as the counter top, whereas the microwave in a stove has several options for the height and installation of the microwave. Both the placement and the space factor mentioned earlier should both be fully examined before making a purchase. The value of these factors can only be determined by the particular buyer’s requirements.

The benefit of built-in microwave ovens is that they can be at different levels, therefore you don’t need to bend down in order to reach into them. A built in microwave oven also appears great and provides your kitchen a lot more modern and stylish appearance, which makes it more attractive and elegant not just to the cook, but family and guests too.


Easy Installation

The key challenge for any homeowner is installing these units. You need the services of a licensed contractor in order to ensure that proper installation is done. The microwave should be safely placed into a space in the existing cabinetry. While installing, it is really important to check that the microwave and oven are properly vented so that a potential fire hazard can be prevented.


While deciding on which microwave to purchase, you must first determine whether you desire to install it or not, as it’ll help you determine the size of the oven you should get.

Built in microwave ovens might cost more than counter top ones, but, one must keep in mind the benefit of these ovens is more in addition to the performance and durability. Therefore, when thinking about whether you should pay for a built in microwave, you should analyze how much you value adding convenience, quality, elegance and comfort to your kitchen. The more the price, the higher the overall quality and that also means a better performance and durability.

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