Who would want an unorganized and cluttered kitchen when you can have a perfect and chic set-up with the best in class modular kitchen appliances?

Everyone wants a modernized kitchen with all the modular appliances. One of the most demanded appliances of KAFF is ELECTRIC CHIMNEY for kitchen.

Electric chimneys are a life-saver for kitchen tiles or granite or any other accessory in your kitchen which can be harmed by fumes. It is common for people to experience bad odor during their cooking sessions, which disrupts the atmosphere of the kitchen and makes it hard to cook food. This is where our electric chimneys for kitchen step in.

The chimneys by KAFF have a strong suction ability that helps facilitate the removal of any kind of odor that is usually created whilst cooking. They keep your kitchen odor-free and humidity-free which makes it effectively simple for cooking. Compared to traditional exhaust fans, electric chimneys are slightly on an expensive side but nowadays they are an essential aspect of our modernized kitchens. An electric chimney is not just a treat to the eyes, but has many other important aspects such as keeping the air clean in your kitchen, protecting your health and providing a cleaner environment.

For the people who are set in their traditional ways and think that chimney would be a complex add-on in their kitchen, let us let you know that to work an electric chimney is as simple as to switch on a light. In just a click of a switch, your electric chimney is ready to go.

At KAFF we have one of the best electric chimneys for kitchens. Our Model- TOWNSVILLE 90 is a 90-cm down-draft cooker hood that offers a 1200 m3/h suction power which is ideal for all types of cooking. It has an aluminum filter which is easy to clean and a chic black tempered glass to make it look stylish. We have a wide-range of chimneys in every style and appropriate price range. Our motive is to provide the most efficient products to our customers and thus we have all sorts of chimneys in all sizes, shapes, designs, and prices.

Setting aside all the pros that an Electric Chimney offers, it drastically changes the appeal of your kitchen. It gives an aesthetic preference to your kitchen and a perfectly stylish look. The installation of an electric chimney would give your kitchen a new modular face that’ll attract a lot of eyes.

Browse online on our website for your favorable electric chimney for kitchen. We have preferable sizes and designs to match your kitchen aesthetic. Log onto: www.kaff.in


Kaff understand that a kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It, therefore, deserves the best kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, hardware and sink solutions. Kaff offers an exceptional range of all these- giving a timeless look to your kitchen along with a promise performance, innovation, durability and reliability. Our array of built-in hobs, cooker hood chimneys, cooking ranges, built-in microwaves and ovens make for the country’s most high end kitchen solutions.https://www.kaff.in/

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