Especially in the kitchen, one can surely not undermine the role of hardware. Kaff soft close hinges, an exclusive product of the Kaff hardware india are designed to give your kitchen a smooth makeover. Because.. Admit it! However careful you are, you often end up banging and slamming your doors of your kitchen cabinets, rooms and wardrobes!

Kaff Soft Close Hinges- The Modular Kitchen’s Vertebrate

Doors with soft-close hinges will not slam shut, but gradually move to a fully closed position.

Just like the vertebrates (or the spinal column) of the human body help us in smooth movement, bending and stretching- the soft close hinges enhance the movement of doors and the like, preventing slamming.

Not just the kitchen doors, these hinges can also be installed the kitchen display cabinets, the bedroom wardrobes, kitchen handles and elsewhere around the house.

Kaff offers kitchen hinges and cabinet hinges in 7 variant designs and functions. It has a range of the best hinges available in variations of 95, 100, 135, and 175-degree hinge opening angle, which will finely adjust at all the angles.

Not just this, these kitchen fittings offer you the flexibility of creating overhead cabinets with hinged doors that open sideways – the objective is to provide utmost convenience and ease-of-use within the individual requirements of the customer.

Thus, the dream of a modular or artistic kitchen can surely not be achieved with mere high end kitchen accessories or top-notch kitchen appliances. Kitchen hardware is a crucial component as well. Kaff soft close hinges are a part of Kaff hardware india and are built right into the hinge for a clean look. They are the modular kitchen’s spinal cord and vertebrate. They are the perfect upgrade that every modular kitchen and home must have. Available in various different hinge styles and opening angles, we’ve got you covered with soft-close cabinet door hinges. For more details, log onto-


Kaff understand that a kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It, therefore, deserves the best kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, hardware and sink solutions. Kaff offers an exceptional range of all these- giving a timeless look to your kitchen along with a promise performance, innovation, durability and reliability. Our array of built-in hobs, cooker hood chimneys, cooking ranges, built-in microwaves and ovens make for the country’s most high end kitchen solutions.

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