To do away with the troublesome daily head-banging with maids, people in India are now increasingly looking for the Kaff’s best dishwashers available in the markets. But, since the trend is new-fangled and there are markets flooded with different types of dishwashers; people often get confused about which dishwasher to finally purchase.

Kaff's best dishwashers

Kaff’s best dishwasher  

Then, there are also another lot of people who still wonder if dishwashers are suitable for the Indian kitchens. They say, why buy a dishwasher? Isn’t it expensive to buy a utensil washing machine? Won’t it consume more electricity and increase the utility bill? Will this chore cost thousands of rupees?

For both of such people, before you buy dishwasher online, KAFF India has brought a set of curated advantages that dishwashers offer to the Indian Kitchens. Read on and find out for yourself!

No more dependency 

Thanks to dishwashers, you will be ‘investing’ towards your freedom, peace of mind and absolute hygiene. Furthermore, your dependency on others; especially your maids, for doing the dishes gets eliminated.

A fit for Indian Kitchens and Indian style of cooking

A common doubt people usually have is that dishwashers cannot clean the grumpy stains of Indian Masalas. It is a myth because at a temperature that ranges from 45°C to 70°C, dishwashers can wash the dishes efficiently.

Another common doubt is Can even the best dishwasher accommodate the kadhai’s and other larger utensils?’

The answer lies in the fact that the big baskets of dishwashers have enough space to accommodate larger utensils.

User Friendly

Since dishwashing is a new concept in India, most dishwashers come with a manual or a user guide. They are extremely user-friendly with easy steps.

Budget Friendly

Nowadays, purchasing a dishwasher is like buying an air conditioner or a washing machine. It is very affordable and budget friendly. The dishwashers usually range from around 30k to 65k.

Power Consumption

Opposed to the common beliefs, dishwashers do not consume too much electricity. Your electricity bill is not likely increase beyond 1kW for each wash.

We can, thus, see the benefits of buying dishwashers on various fronts — cost, effectiveness, hygiene and the environment. Buying a dishwasher will not just add comfort and reduce time, but also enhance your home and lifestyle. Life will become much more comfortable without you having to deal with your maid, every time she is late or does not wash the utensils appropriately.

Maid in India, Made for India!

Kaff India has a range of made in India kaff’s best dishwashers to do away with the maids in India! To know more about the features of these dishwashers and to buy dishwasher online, log onto:


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