Best Microwave Ovens With Their Price In India

Cooking is often referred to as an art where a number of thorough and methodical measures are undertaken to make it perfect, But there are times when one does not simply have the time to do all that. Like for instance, a working profession who has to grab a quick bite before scooting down to his workplace, or a college kid who has to get something to eat for lunch before heading back to her class. In such a case, time is definitely the most important. For the afore-mentioned purposes, a best microwave ovens is used. Just a few ingredients placed in the oven and the microwave oven will work its magic in preparing the food. The result is of course – a hot steamy plate of deliciousness waiting to fill one’s belly.

With the advent of modular kitchens nowadays, microwaves that are installed in the very kitchen inlay itself or built-in microwaves are all the rage. But with all the different built-in microwave ovens that are available, getting the best microwave ovens in india is a problem.

Here are some of the most popular ones available in the market today –

3 of the most popular built-in microwaves with their prices


Built with a stainless steel body, this microwave oven features a large capacity. In addition, it features a large LED display with touch screen display and a convection microwave oven power system.

Capacity: 25 L

Power:  2500W

Price:  Rs 49990

Dimension:  595x470x388

  • KB7A

With a side-pull, a thermostat, convection fan and a powerful grill of 1100W, this built in microwave is perfect for both food preparations as well as heating and/or roasting (could also function as a Rotisserie oven)

Capacity:  32 L

Power:  1100W

Price:  Rs 45990

Dimension: 595x470x388

  • KMW 5PJ

This conventional microwave Oven plus broiler is designed with a stainless steel body. A LED display allows the user to control specifications related to power output, fan speed, etc.

Capacity: 20  L

Power: 2500W

Price: Rs29990

Dimension: 560 x 580 x 380

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