4 Best Gas Stove & Kitchen Hobs Price In India

Top Gas Stove Burners & Hobs Price For An Indian Kitchen


These days, households all over India are gradually switching over to gas powered cooker stoves in kitchen space all over India. This is primarily due to the fact that when compared to electric variants, they hold a number of advantages. This includes –

  • Longer time to cool down
  • Flames produced in gas stove cookers cook food more evenly and quickly
  • Gas stoves can produce a flame instantaneously
  • The flame in gas stoves can be adjusted


These are a few of the many advantages of using a gas powered cooking stoves. Whether it is a kitchen space for a family household space or a large-scale kitchen space for kitchens, a gas stove and hob is installed everywhere. Let us dive into these and learn more about gas burner price.


4 gas stove & hob models in India that are considered to be the best



As you may have guessed already, when it comes to cooker stoves the market in India is absolutely oversaturated. Which is why 4 Gas stove models that you should definitely have been listed here. Let us check them out –


1. KC 60 SSGI


With 4 burner gas stove, you can be sure that this cooktop is well-suited to cook grand meals. Apt for parties and feasts.



2. KC 70 SSGI


Packing 3 full brass burners, this gas stove 3 burner Cooktop is guaranteed to make preparing food items in a flash more than just possible. A definite addition to your kitchen cooking appliance repertoire.



3. BLH 302


Featuring 2 extra-large burners, this 2 burner kitchen hob assuredly delivers the best cooking performance for any kitchens, including small scale ones.



4. BLH 865


Not 1, not 2 and not even 3 but 5 burner kitchen hobs! This is sure to light up your kitchen environment. Perfect for large-scale restaurant kitchens.



No matter the size and scale of the kitchen-space, a kitchen cooker stove and hob is guaranteed to be quintessential. KAFF – India’s number 1 producer of kitchen appliances is known to provide some of the best in this regard. So when the question of buying a stellar kitchen cooktop stove or even cooker hob is in the question, KAFF is guaranteed to deliver.

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