Top Exhaust Fans For Kitchen, Storage Rooms & Bathrooms

Best Exhaust fan are almost a staple in every household. Small nuclear family apartments, large joint family estates, you are likely to find one installed. Some of the most common areas where exhaust fans are generally installed include –

  • Bathrooms
  • Storage rooms

Whether it is a bathroom exhaust fan or a storage room fan, you can definitely ensure a well circulated air ventilation network with it.

How do exhaust fans work?

When it comes to sucking out impure and unclean air, a ventilation system complete with exhaust fans and chimneys are a must have. Here’s how they essentially work –

  1. The exhaust fan is mounted on a place where it can cover the entire room
  2. As the blades of the exhaust fan spin, the air contained within the household space is sucked out and replaced with air from the outside of a room space
  3. The unclean air is released with the help of a ventilator shaft that is connected with the exhaust fan

It must be noted that ventilation activities are best performed with the help of a ventilation fan, mainly due to its portability and revolution speed.

3 of the best exhaust fans for the household space

Household exhaust fans are available in wide variety of different types, all suited to cater to your requirements. However, many consider some of them to be the best. Surprisingly enough, these are mostly household exhaust system and are available online or from KAFF online store and they seem to have the most cost-effective option when it comes to the exhaust fan price. So without further ado, here it is, 3 household exhaust fans size that are considered to be the ‘best’ –

1. LYRA R6

This household exhaust fan comes with a black glass panel and a LED panel. Measuring 199x199mm and with a coverage area of 160 Sq. Feet, it is well suited to be mounted on walls and glass windows.

2. Modus MX6

With dimensions of 190x190mm and a rear off white finish anti reflex shutter this extra thin portable ventilating fan provides 160 Sq Ft of coverage. It is suitable to be mounted on walls and glass windows.


196x196mm in dimension, the Haus HS6 ventilating fan features a stainless steel finish and provides parametrical air extraction. It is easy to install and covers 160 Sq. Ft of area.

Sure there are many more variants of exhaust fans that all vary in accordance with the price, features, size, etc so you might even come across an exhaust fan that has adequate size to cover the entire household interior space. But these are 3 of the fans that come with the best specifications.


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