top best kitchen appliances in India

4 Best Kitchen Appliances With Price In India

4 of the Mostly Used Kitchen Appliances Lists


Kitchen appliances are smack in the middle of any kitchen spaces in not just India but the whole world. From grilling chicken, to purifying the air, there is an appliance for everything that goes in a kitchen space.

Here comes some of the most commonly used kitchen appliances list with price in India –


  • Chimneys (Rs 6,300 – 90,000)
  • Built-in Hobs (Rs 25,000 – 45,000)
  • Built-in Microwaves (Rs 30,000– 50,000)
  • Built-in Ovens (Rs 30,000 – 1,00,000)



A look at the few of the top-most kitchen appliances in the Indian market


When it comes to kitchen appliances, the market is loaded with them. Ranging from hobs to ventilation systems and chimneys, it is all available. Here’s a look at a few of them –


1. Chimney


Comprising of a stainless steel finish, this Townsville 90 Chimney is capable of covering the entire kitchen area of 160 Sq. Ft.



2. Hob


Thi Sleek BLH 865 Kitchen Hob with 5 burners. It is capable of handling 5 different items and is well suited for kitchens in restaurants and eateries.



3. Microwave



This presents an effective an efficient and effective solution for the kitchen. This KB7A Built-in Microwave has a 32 l capacity and features a side-pill out door with open button, thermostat, 1100 watts or grill power, convection fan, and a glass-type mirror.



4. Oven


Feel the refreshing whiff of healthy kitchen air spreading through all four corners of the space. This KOV 60 ZN Built-in Oven comes with a double-glass oven door, rotisserie and rotisserie shelves packed in an elegant stainless steel casing. With a safety thermostat and state-of-the-art finish, this oven truly completes a kitchen.



As determined by their level of popularity, these are 4 of the most effective kitchen appliances. KAFF is the online store that features all these and much more. So be sure to take a peek at their collection if you are looking for kitchen appliances. After all, no kitchen can be declared complete without the right appliance after all.

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