best wine coolers in India

How To Select The Best Wine Cooler and Refrigerator In India?

A Simple Buying Guide To Choose The Perfect Wine Cooler and Refrigerator Combination


Some see it as something that simply compliments a scrumptious meal. Others see it as “the drink of the divine”. But the thing that is for sure is the fact that only wine can be a fitting end to a meal.

That is exactly why people take a number of precautions in ensuring that wine is stored properly in their households. A wine cooler is one of those implements that are often used for this. From safeguarding wine bottles to making sure that are kept in optimum temperatures, it is a definite must-have for both newbie enthusiasts and die-hard connoisseurs of wine. It must be noted that some of the best wine coolers are available in India. But before we delve into the nitty-gritty of wine coolers, let us take a closer look at how they actually function.


How does a wine cooler unit typically function?


Wine coolers are built with a strong and durable metallic body. Like a refrigerator (that is perhaps why they are often referred to as wine refrigerators), they feature a temperature control mechanism that helps them regulate their internal temperature. With the help of a doorway opening attachment, the wine cooler stores wine bottles. When required they can be conveniently retrieved. To quickly summarize it all –

  1. The cooler is opened through an external doorway
  2. Wine bottles are stored inside it and the opening is closed
  3. Temperature to be maintained is set through the controls outside

But since we are talking about wine, the question that comes to mind is –

Will that be enough to keep the wine cool?

To answer that, we must consider how long we want the wine to be stored. Of course, a wine cooler by itself is sufficient if you want to store the wine for a brief period (4 or 5 month tops). But it might not be in that perfect condition when you need to store it for a period more that, it might not be in tip-top condition, especially when you consider the hot and humid Indian tropical summer in India.


Which is why, your best bet here is to pair the wine cooler with a built in refrigerator. With this combination, you can make sure that the wine stays safe and cool for years. Here are some great wine cooler and refrigerator combinations –

  • KWC145 wine cooler with KRF237 BI refrigerator
  • KWC62 wine cooler with KRF237 BI refrigerator
  • KWC BI-18 wine cooler with KRF237 BI refrigerator
  • KWC 58 wine cooler with KRF237 BI refrigerator


As you can see that 4/4 of the combinations that are regarded as the best are manufactured by KAFF. So why not take a trip to KAFF’s online web portal and check out their full selection?

But either way, this simple guide to buy best wine coolers in India (as well as any other country in the world) should help you.

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