Best Modular Kitchen Chimneys

How To Choose Chimneys For Your Modular Kitchen?

Select Best Kitchen Chimneys In India


Kitchen chimneys are genuinely easy — vent, cladding, and top — yet they offer the possibility to highlight a kitchen’s design in critical ways. Its position can insinuate a kitchen; its materials can mix it into the interiors or emerge; its frame and enunciation can offer a bunch of articulations.


The truth be told, a present-day kitchen chimney design adds style and a fancy theme to your modular kitchen. An electric chimney will have a superior air suction ability to ensure that you can cook without having to inhale unpleasant smoke or odours.


We have an exclusive class of modular kitchen chimneys, 12 to be precise so that you can cook to your heart’s desire.




KAFF’s exceptional range of kitchen chimneys is tailored to suit your kitchen’s need. In the modern Indian kitchen, the colour combination of a hob and chimney go together. We not only have diverse features in our chimneys but different colours too- grey, white and black to be precise.


Take a step forward towards revolutionising your kitchen with us.




The extraordinary characteristics of kitchen smokestacks accompany 4-speed choice, with energy saving LED lights and feather touch, delicate push controls, ideal airborne oil control zone with filter less and dry heat technology. Each chimney has a different suction power and is crafted with plenty of innovative features. Noise levels are less in the entirety of our chimneys. The PDCA conveyer protects their internal parts and keeps them ensured.




KAFF’s auto clean chimneys for kitchen are designed in such a way that its suction power inside the chamber isolates oil from the kitchen smoke and stores it in collectors so that oil fumes don’t ruin the upper walls of your kitchen. These oil collector bowls are washable, easy to remove and require minimal maintenance.  Hence, there is no additional exertion in manual cleaning, it’s only a one-switch-away deal, and your stack is shimmering perfect, sparing your time spent at cleaning the kitchen.




Every kitchen chimney aims to be that ultimate user-friendly interface embedded in the kitchen of your home. This is why we give you the benefit of choosing kitchen chimney types from a range of models with unique features;

  • Wall Mounted Chimneys,
  • Island Chimneys,
  • Downdraft Chimneys


Crafted especially to suit your kitchen needs, our Kitchen Chimney work with utmost convenience at affordable prices.




Various styles and different designs make Cooker Kitchen hood Chimneys an outstanding lineage of products. Available in stainless steel with round edges, they fit easily into your kitchen without taking on much work-space.

They’re utilitarian and can completely revamp the look and feel of your kitchen without you even noticing it.

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