Buy India’s Best Air Purifier: Know which Air Purifier is best for your home!

With the increasing pollution, the need of air purifiers has come into a huge demand. Every household requires to install an air purifier, but this is the crucial hour when one needs to be cautious before buying an air purifier. Market has ample amount of perplexing choice and one has to choose india’s best air purifier and the one which suits the budget. This blog will help you to know the best air purifier and the process of selecting one.

Clean air helps in keeping your family healthy and keeps pollution at bay. Before choosing an air purifier, there are two important characteristics that can help you to select the air purifiers: Effectiveness and Efficiency. Effective air purifiers would actually mean the amount of the pollutants that the air purifier would reduce and Efficient purifier means the ability of the purifier to remove the airborne particles from the air which enters the home, and also how efficient it is in removing the gaseous pollutants.

The important aspects that should be considered before buying india’s best air purifiers are:

  • Pre- Filter: Pre-filters help to eliminate airborne particles that enter the house or are around the house. Pre-filters has the potential to clean more than 90% of all airborne particles like human and pet hair, dust particles and pollens. Buy air purifiers that are reusable, washable and easy to replace. CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is an important element to look at before buying an air purifier.
  • Molecular filter: It is a filter that helps to remove toxic gases and odours. Be it  bathroom smell, animal odour, cigarette smoke, cooking odour; the molecular filter can combat it. This feature of the molecule filter makes use of the process of gas phase treatment to assist in the removal of odour.
  • Odour Absorber: Odour absorber helps to remove smells of organic chemicals and other filthy smells. It has activated carbon that controls the filtering mechanism, thereby deodourizes the environment. It also helps to get rid of Formaldehydes and VOCs. Choosing an air purifier that has activated carbons are effective and durable.
  • Microbe Sterilizer: An air purifier should have the potential to completely destroy micro-organisms and sterilize the air, thereby making it pure and clean to breathe. If you have a small child or people prone to allergies, this is your choice. Many air purifiers usually have UV radiation to target these microbes.
  • HEPA Filters: HEPA refers to High Efficiency Particulate Air filter and it is the core component of all filtration products available. If your air purifier has HEPA filter with MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), it can be the best deal for you. So, its always a better option to buy an air purifier with HEPA filter for long lasting relief from dust particles.

Placement of Air Purifier is an Important Aspect

Just like any other home appliance, air purifiers require an installation place that helps the appliance to serve well and make a huge difference in efficiency. If you know the exact location from where the pollutants attack your house, then its intake should be placed near to its source. If there is no exact location or any specified source of pollutants coming in, then the purifier should be placed in a place that enforces clean air to the entire area. Remember that walls, furniture and other gadgets generally block the purifier’s intake and out-take capacity. An air purifier will also be effective when all the doors and windows of the houses are closed.

Knowing Which Brand Offers the Best Air Purifiers

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