Best auto clean chimney for kitchen in India

What is an Auto-clean kitchen chimney?

In the realm of kitchen appliances, kitchen chimney is the one that undoubtedly happens to be of prime importance. Kitchen chimney is an appliance that makes kitchen clean and free from smoke, but cleaning the kitchen chimney itself proves to be a tedious and time-consuming task. Auto-clean technology comes to your rescue therein by getting rid of the oil particles from the kitchen chimney on its own, without requiring human intervention.

Know-how Auto-Clean Chimney will enhance your cooking experience!

Auto clean chimneys are so designed that its outward moving force inside the chamber separate the oil from kitchen fume and deposit it in oil collectors to curb all your worries regarding oil fumes that can ruin your kitchen’s ambience in the long run. Whatever oil particles present in cooking fumes are collected in this easy-to-remove and washable oil collector bowls for easy cleaning and are facilitated by least or almost no maintenance. Thus, there is no extra effort in manual cleaning, it’s just a button away deal, and your chimney is sparkling clean, saving your time spent at cleaning kitchen.

The benefits of auto-clean chimneys over manual cleaning kitchen chimneys are multi-fold. Apart from saving you from the hassles of manual cleaning, it brings to you a fresh and healthy kitchen environment. The suction capacity of auto-clean kitchen chimney is much improved as it automatically prevents oil and grease particles clogging in the filter, which negatively affects the suction power and performance of kitchen chimney.

Trending brand for kaff Auto-Clean Chimneys in India 2018

Kaff India caters unique blend of advancement, design, style and versatility. Kaff’s auto-clean chimneys feature dry heat-auto cleaning system and are equipped with superior strength aluminum or baffle filter and electronic controls for its trouble-free operation.

Starring a minimum of 5 Years to a lifetime-warranty, presented series of ergonomic auto-clean chimneys for kitchen by Kaff, with the product description and specification is enormously demanded in the market for their state-of-the-art feature, customized size and widest price range:


This auto-clean electric kitchen chimney bets to bring a unique look to the kitchen with black or grey glass on side panel and stainless steel frame front panel. At the same time, with soft push controls, this 60 cm wide chimney provides utmost utility for your kitchen.

MRP 34,990


Kaff’s Lumex DHC 90 chimney bestows excellent performance and longer working life with dry-heat auto clean system and LED light with touch control that gives sophistication. Offering huge air flow of 1200 m3/hr, it converts your kitchen into a clean and hygienic space.

MRP 31,490


Its 1250 m3/h suction capacity and noise level of 57 dba (max) makes this cooker hood a powerful performer and the lifestyle statement at the same time and that adds refinement to your kitchen. Combination of stainless steel and glass gives a rugged look to suit modern kitchen interior.



This chimney is exquisitely designed to give perfect look to your modular kitchen with front panel with black glass. It comes with an aluminum filter and has touch control that add more panache to its look.

MRP 26,490


This cooker hood with a designer glass is here to steal the show with its black matt finish and black glass. Designed for efficiency and user-comfort, it offers indeed huge 1300 m3/hr suction and keeps the noise level as low as 59 DBA.

MRP 24,990


This cooker hood in black glass finish is an apt choice any elegant kitchen space. With 1180 m3/hr suction power and aluminum filter, this can be considered as the best auto clean kitchen chimney as you don’t have to worry about your cooking style at all.

MRP 24,490


Its matt black finish with steel hood and black tempered glass on front offers the combination of modern and contemporary design. Its characteristic stainless steel filter and touch control with display are there to ease you with all your worries.

MRP 23,990


This 90-cm cooker hood chimney is indeed very huge, with excellent and durable finish standards; its suction capacity of 1180 m3/h along with baffle filter offers a powerful performance to get rid of all the harmful particles present in the smoke during cooking. It comes with dial knob control in matt black finish and designer smoke-grey tempered glass.

MRP 23,990


This chimney comes with dry-heat auto clean technology and LED light with touch control for user convenience. Its front panel with black glass brings an elite touch to its overall looks. With noise level maximum of 58 DBA and suction capacity of 1180 m3/h it’s worth having in your kitchen space.

MRP 22,490


Kaff’s Opec DHC 70 chimney has multiple features that work well for your modular kitchen. Its auto clean vaporizer is ultimate choice for all types of Indian cooking.

MRP 19,990


This 70-cm cooker hood is here to give a high-end look to your kitchen with its black matt finish and curved and smoke-grey tempered glass. Not only that, an elegant looking front panel with black glass and dial-knob control, makes it your choice.

MRP 21,990


This model comes with Baffle filter and energy efficient LED light. It vows superior finish and encases front panel with black glass, fusing utility with style.



Featuring three-speed touch control and air flow as high as 1200 m3/hr, this chimney comes with dry-heat auto clean system and LED light with easier touch control, showcasing innovation and quality with kitchen hob.

MRP 19,490


This chimney comes with a Baffle filter and is beautifully designed with a stunning front panel with black glass. Not only it gives a flawless look to your kitchen, but it comes at a price which is a great delight to your budget too.

MRP 17,990

Experience the ease of Auto-cleaning your kitchen from a trusted brand!

With enriched technology and easier control, Kaff offers a wide spectrum of Auto Clean- Dry Heat Chimneys. You not only get the widest range, but also the latest and most modern collection of best quality Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen in India. It is setting up benchmarks for all in the sector to follow and is indeed leading already, putting up a tough competition for other brands set to win the kitchen appliance manufacturing world.

Also, Kaff prides itself in having the confidence and trust of thousands of customers across India that form core of Kaff’s success. Summing up, Kaff is committed to deliver the technologically advanced, convenient products that bring you comfort, ease, safety and good health. To get 100% satisfaction on auto-clean chimney online purchase, buy at:

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