How to choose a microwave oven a full guide to Built in Microwave Ovens

Microwave Ovens: Get a Deep-Insight to Built-in Microwave oven

Want to bake a cake or make a pizza? All your demands can be fulfilled with this versatile kitchen appliance named Microwave oven. Microwave ovens have marked its presence in  households, helping with cooking a wide variety of delicacies. It is an effective appliances that save time, energy and cooks food in minutes.

But, while we come forward to buy this magic kitchen gadget we encounter several functionalities that we are sometimes unaware of. So why not be conscious and get a complete knowledge of the gadget before buying one.

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Before you buy new Microwave Oven Read this Complete Buying Guide of Microwave Oven

Let’s start our journey through the topic by understanding the microwave technology first. Microwaves work on electromagnetic radiation, in fact if you go deeper in technology, microwave names come in the combination of magnetic and electrical waves. Both the waves are generated inside the oven by a tube called Magnetron. Microwave have an inbuilt feature due to which the water inside any food preparation generates heat and vibrates. This particular principle helps in cooking food in microwave oven. Moreover, it is the only reason that people avoid cooking dry food in the microwave oven.

Essential Pointers to be Kept in Mind before buying a microwave oven

Automatic Functions: Microwave ovens have an automatic sensor functionality. When the food is perfectly cooked it shuts down.

The Size of the oven: One of the major factor that determines the purchase decision is the size which one need to choose, it will depend on the family size. If you have a small family size, choose an oven of 20 litres and so on.

Control Panel: With the built-in microwave coming in, there are different control panels available, so it depends on the panel you would prefer, whether you wish to have a touch control panel or a mechanical panel or a combination of both.

Safety Lock or Child Lock: It is a major and a pertinent feature. The child lock feature prevents occurrence of any mishap and accidents specially it safeguards kids.

Power: Always check the oven’s power capacity. One with high power rating would require less time to cook. A small microwave oven requires less power than the bigger one which will require at least 1200 Watts.

Built-In Microwave from Kaff India- A Perfect Delight for Making Delicacies

Kaff India has a wide selection of Built-In Microwave that will help you to make your cooking experience memorable. Kaff’s range of built-in Microwaves will not only help you to relish every Indian cuisine, but would add glamour and style to your kitchen. Let’s analyze every feature that the models provide, so that you can make a wise purchase.

Kaff’s microwave models come in different designs and style. Few of our models displayed full white tempered glass with touch control features, some of the models comes in  an Anti finger stainless finish or in a fully black tempered glass design with touch controls.

Some of the Microwave have properties like auto Menu panels, oven interior light, Push door opening button, Digital clock with time display. Kaff’s Microwaves comes with a capacity of 20 litres to 32 liters having a Thermostat upto 230 degree with Energy efficiency of A. Every models has an interior light with Cooling fan technology. As Kaff gives more thrust to safety, Child lock feature has been embedded in all the microwaves. Another appealing feature is the digital clock with time display to set timers to  prepare foods. The built-in microwaves have power levels that help in preparing food on time.

Ultimate Decision of Buying a Built-In Microwave Oven

If you ask an expert or a guide for suggestion for buying a new microwave oven he would recommend you to check the types, size, style and features. These are the important pre-requisites of buying a microwave oven. So if you are planning to buy one, don’t stand still compare all the products which are available, read reviews from genuine sites and make a decision that you will proud of. To compare the different models of microwave oven visit


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