Best Cooker Hood Chimneys for Your Kitchen

Make your kitchen chimney add glamour to your kitchen

With the trend setting in the Indian houses, why keep the kitchen aloof? This very thought gave rise to the modern kitchen in our household set-up designed with modern layout that consists of cabinets made to hold accessories and electro domestic gadgets and built in kitchen appliances like built-in-oven, built-in-hobs, built-in-wine coolers etc.

This blog explains the varied range of chimneys for kitchen that will add sophistication and elegance to your household.

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Give complete outlook of kitchen with KAFF

What are you actually craving for? Style with sumptuousness? Then you are at the right place! KAFF has an exclusive range of kitchen chimneys that reckons grandeur and build your kitchen in a unique and modern cult. Let’s sail through the KAFF’s electric chimneys that suits best for your modern kitchen.

A. Celino-90

This stunning filter-less chimney comes in black tempered glass with sleek and shaven steel has an automatic open glass panel that adds refinement. The fully concealed motor backs airflow up to 1300 m3/h.  Celino 90  comes in the size of 90cm and has a large oil collector to accumulate grime deposits.

With such great features it can be considered perfect for your modern kitchen and its touch control panel adds more panache to its look.

B. Canberra 90

This is another of the energy efficient Filter Less designer glass hoods available from KAFF. We have got a really good size of 90cm with wider suction chamber so if you do have a larger hob then you know it’s going to cover that perfectly, it looks great and really modern with all those sharp lines and edges with contrast in black and stainless steel with automatic open glass panel.

Its fully concealed motor with optimal airborne grease control zone offers the low maintenance and makes it a best buy option.

C. Torino 90

Available in the size of 90cm Torino 90 is both rugged and stylish. This kitchen chimney is built with style and has multiple features that works well of modern kitchen. It’s curved top and front extraction give a look that decorators love recommending.

D. Nora 75

Now you can cook to your hearts delight by embracing this wonderful cooker hood Nora 70. The model has curved top and front extraction that gives a perfect look for modular kitchen.  Thanks to the energy-saving LED lights with a clear illumination whilst cooking.

E. Marbella

This space saving range hood available in 60-90cm is designed to fit right in with a range of different kitchens and is perfect for combining with a similar sized cooktop. Availability of Black and White color makes it more compatible to blend with any décor. So why to wait for the rest when you are dealing with the best!

Build Your Dream Kitchen – Functional, Stylist with Royal Design

 Every person demands for a clean and healthy house. When it comes to kitchen it should definitely be hygienic and healthy. Selecting a kitchen chimney is a cumbersome process as one requires to keep in mind several factors like: design, size, style, filters, maintenance, air suction and so on. Buying kitchen appliances that promote healthy kitchen is the need of the hour. As modular kitchen is built with customized look, selecting a kitchen chimney that keeps smoke and grease away along with the style is pertinent. That is why Kaff is considered right brand for your kitchen.

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