The major trends shaping the modern Indian Kitchen

As the traditional cooker hoods chimney in kitchen  takes over as the entertainment hub of our homes, there is more and more scope to experiment with a contemporary look to make your kitchen space more appealing than it already is. Maximizing space while simultaneously suiting your personal style, choose from the major trends that are shaping the modern Indian Kitchen:

  1. Light it up!

Be it accent lighting or task lighting, brighter is better! LED lighting is an ideal solution to enhance the overall design and colours of your kitchen. You can be creative with the variety of colours available while saving a great deal of energy.

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  1. Keep functionality at the top

While designing your kitchen space, remember to keep necessities over design. The upcoming trend directs toward built in storage and waste systems.

Kaff’s pull out larder systems, pull out storage and baskets along with under the counter waste systems imparts a minimalistic and functional design scheme for your kitchen spaces.

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  1. Shift to built-in appliances

The most important trend that is growing in the modular kitchen space is minimizing space using a sleek design. Seamless and integrated design for your kitchen remains incomplete without built in appliances.

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  1. Choose quartz over marble and granite

Quartz proves to be more cost efficient as well as stronger over granite or marble for your counter tops. It is also very easy to clean, giving the same look for your kitchen as compared to granite and marble.

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  1. Paint the kitchen red

Well, not literally. But GO ALL OUT while designing the colour scheme of your kitchen. Make your kitchen space the bright, happy space it deserves to be!


Kaff understand that a kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It, therefore, deserves the best kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, hardware and sink solutions. Kaff offers an exceptional range of all these- giving a timeless look to your kitchen along with a promise performance, innovation, durability and reliability. Our array of built-in hobs, cooker hood chimneys, cooking ranges, built-in microwaves and ovens make for the country’s most high end kitchen solutions.

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