A Guide to lighting up your kitchen

A well-lit Kaff kitchen accessories not only creates enhanced visibility, but also constructs a personality and the character of your kitchen. All you require to do is give the light design of your kitchen appliances equal importance as space planning.

To start with, here are some tips for lighting up your kitchen this EID:

  1. Work according to your requirement:

Since the nature of lights is dual purposed, that of decoration and tasks, a balance between the two is necessary to achieve an effective light plan. While you work out the balance, make sure you don’t over clutter your space with too many lights.

  1. Make use of creativity:

Along with task lighting for work surfaces, lights can also be used to demarcate divisions between the dining and the cooking area, enhance architectural features and accentuate the overall beauty of the heart of your home.

  1. Ensure easy accessibility:

Ensure the lights near hobs fit to the ceiling and are easy to clean, or have glass lid protectors.

  1. Conserve energy:

Use dimmable lights to save on energy and to create the right mood.

  1. Blend in art and functionality:

Going for either of the extremes could make the end result far from at par. Make sure to give functionality a priority along with blending the artistic value to create a beautiful ambience.

  1. Use LED lights to stylize:

To save on energy and create a dramatic ambience, LED lights will give your kitchen a new point of view. LED lighting is also very functional to highlight the architectural features of your space.

Keeping these few tips in mind, there are 3 types of lighting that you could use in your kitchen:

  1. Recessed lighting:

Recessed lighting is very useful to maximize illumination while using minimum space. Particularly useful above counters and for directing light to particular areas, recessed lighting can be planned for any kitchen keeping in check the wiring and pipes laid in and around the kitchen space.

  1. Surface lighting:

A lesser popular way of lighting surface tops from the 20th century, this type is useful for uniform light distribution to light up large spaces of your kitchen without using too many individual units.

  1. Pendant lighting:

These decorative fixtures help save space while illuminating specific areas. Best usage would be for above sinks, bars and kitchen tables.

You could choose one type of lighting or blend in all three for maximum functionality and showcasing your personal style.

So this EID, let there be light… in your kitchen too with best Kaff kitchen accessories!

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