Inspiring Backsplash Kitchen Styles

It’s easy to up your kitchen’s style statement quickly by installing a new backsplash kitchen styles. Add colour, pattern and texture by choosing the right tiles for the panel behind the sink and cooktop. Whether you have a modern modular kitchen– or rustic-style kitchen, we’ve shortlisted the trendiest options so that you can choose a style that’s ideal for you.

Set in Stone – Blocks of stone may be subtle but are truly beautiful. Since stone tiles are an uncommon choice for the kitchen these lend a unique look to your space. Pick a variety that won’t collect too much dust and that’s not too difficult to clean.

Reflecting Glass – Glass tiles reflect light and add glitz to your kitchen. These are available in a variety of colours and transparencies. Choose these no-fuss tiles if you want an easy to clean option for your modern kitchen.

 Chevron Tiles – A chevron pattern is essentially an inverted ‘V’. It adds drama to a plain white kitchen by giving it a visual interest.

 Checkerboard – Whether you choose black & white or a pop of colour, a checkerboard tile will grab attention without costing you much. Depending on the size of the squares you can create a unique graphic statement.

 Classic Subway – Give your kitchen a professional look with a classic, subway-style tile that’s also easy to maintain. You can choose neutral or bold tiles based on the colour of your cabinets.

 Chalkboard Backsplash – A chalkboard-painted wall lends playfulness and enhances creativity in the kitchen. You can write your grocery list, a favourite recipe or an inspiring thought on the wall and change it as often as you want.

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