Looking for Ideas Maximize kitchen Space to enhance cooking experience?

Does it seem like you never have enough storage, counter or breathing space to really enjoy your kitchen? Looking for Ideas Maximize kitchen Space to enhance cooking experience? Whether you have a large kitchen or a tiny one, there are ways in which you can free up some precious space. Here are a few kitchen design tips to follow when looking for more space in the heart of your home.

Follow our tips based on the latest in kitchen trends.

Instal Built-In Appliances.


Built-in appliances like Kaff microwaves, refrigerators and barbeques are the latest in kitchen trends. And for good reason too! These integrate seamlessly with your kitchen walls and leave no uncomfortable protrusions that make you clank your elbows into appliances. As opposed to freestanding appliances, built-in ones give your kitchen space a sleek look. Since Kaff built-ins are also boxed in at the top and the sides or under a worktop you can quit worrying about cleaning between hard-to-reach gaps.

Find a built-in appliance that’s perfect for your kitchen.

Hang Those Fruits and Veggies.


Is your countertop occupied with fruits and veggies that don’t require refrigeration? With a garden wall planter, you can hang those onions and potatoes that are eating up your precious space. Declutter with a dishtowel hanger and a trendy pot and pan rack to win back some prep space for your delicious meals.
Shop for baskets and fitments.

Open Shelves are the Key.
Got a range of cookbooks for different cuisines? Stacking oversized bowls and trays in cabinets that are bursting at the hinges? Use open shelves with or without uniform baskets to stash these messes and keep things tidy instead. Alternatively, you can also hang large utensils on a bar with hooks.

Divide and Conquer Your Drawers.

If you’re struggling to find the right tools while cooking, then your meal could turn into a disaster. Kitchen tools like spoons, ladles and egg beaters come in all shapes and sizes which makes them difficult to organize. Use drawer dividers to better organize everything inside. Organizing them diagonally will make sure that you can fit in all sizes.

Group Like Items Together.

Organize the food in a pull-out pantry by category and label the shelves. A pull-out system offers incredible space and gives you easy access without the need to tear down any walls.
Allocate space for cereals, oils and vinegars, spices and snacks. Storing these in clear glass jars will help you identify items quickly and similar size containers will be easy to stack. Similarly, bakeware, utensils and cleaning supplies (sponges, brushes and gloves), all deserve to be stacked with their own families.
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Get Organised with Kitchen Waste.

A clean, hygienic kitchen requires a proper waste disposal system. With an under the sink waste system you can tuck the garbage neatly under the sink so that you get more space.
The space under your sink need not be limited to waste disposal alone. Instal a pull-out detergent rack or pull-out baskets to arrange your cleaning supplies that usually just pile up there.
Shop for an under-the-sink waste system.

Squeeze Out the Corner Space.

While the depth of the corner offers a lot of storage space, it also makes access difficult since the opening is usually narrow and the space great. Luckily, there are a whole host of solutions that can help you make the corner cabinet easy to access and organize. Choose from a range of corner storage options – half round carousel, ¾ carousel, pull out swing corner and dual corner.
Find a corner storage system that’s right for your kitchen.


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