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Cook Tops

Cooktop:  Perfect companionate for cooking delicious cuisines fast and easy.

Cooktops are free-standing appliances and there is absolutely no substitute to cooktop than to not have a kitchen at all, which is obviously not practical. Needless to mention, cooktops are pre-requisites to help with tasteful delicacies. They can be rested on the top of a cabinet or kitchen slab that makes them portable as well. While you are opting for kitchen remodeling, it seems quite desirable to tally your cabinet style with a brand new cooktop online.

Kaff Cooktop: Classic-styled and Sumptuous, just the same!

Kaff’s cooktop family is one of the most used appliances in the Indian kitchens for cooking. Second to none, Kaff offers assortment of the cooktops online. These cooktops go easily with any contemporary kitchen and at the same time, bring in an element of simplicity.

It features heavy duty pan support facility that helps to easily accommodate large and heavy vessels equally efficiently to facilitate low gas consumption too. Smart looking and ergonomic metal knobs fitted in the Kaff gas cooktops are strong and sturdy to use. Also, they do give a firm grip and professional nudge. With Kaff gas cooktop, think no more of compromising with space; experience a new freedom with India's most spacious cooktop.

Experience superior cooking with a combination of burners.

Whipping up appetizing meals on time for our family is priority and you’d want to do that efficiently if you are a perfectionist. In such times, cooktops with multiple burners are mandatory in the briskly moving world.

Kaff Gas Stove 3 Burner:

These cooktops, being 70cm in width, carry 3 burners to cook multiple meals, all at once. With its unique design, this collection offers a perfect geometry making cooking a tireless work.

Kaff 4 Burner Gas Stove:

Cooktops that are 60cm wide offer as many as 4 burners for all intents and purposes. And while you’re at it, don’t forget that its design is such that you will fall for the model. Come to talk of four burner gas cooktop, they ensure you finest banquets, imparting modest look to your kitchen nonetheless.

Safe and Classy pool of Cooktops.

The choice the type of a cooktop boils down to the kitchen space, cooking habits, safety requisites. Having said that, gas cooktops are preferred over electric cooktops by many, having visible flame that practically allows easy heat control, is a strong enough reason to back the choice.

Maintenance and cleaning of Kaff cooktops are suited best by stainless steel body, which are scratch proof, making it easy-to-clean. There thick black toughened glass surface models are made up of, more heat or impact resistant.

Auto-ignition is optional at Kaff. That is, you get models both with and without auto-ignition feature. You also get safe and perfect flame control. If you like to make life simpler, this feature can be the way to do.

Kaff India is a wonder brand. So, wait no further and buy cooktop online!

Kaff is a certified company since decades and its elegant product lineage is regarded as the best seller for kitchen appliances.  Cooktops are carrying the legacy forward, while maintaining the quality only found in a brand like Kaff. The models entail brass burners that have got much longer life. To add to its glory, the entire product comes with a minimum of 2 to 5 years of warranty. Enjoy great delights for long-long time without slightest of panic.

Other than being neat, compact and user-friendly, its form and function allow you to easily multi-task while still maintaining a crisp look. The prices of each Kaff model are such that you can’t just say no to any of them. What are you waiting for?


kaff Cook Tops

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