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Built-in Induction Hobs

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Groomed to redo your kitchen interior and its overall appearance?

A hob is the core component of every kitchen. Built-in installation type of hob enters specifically when your kitchen is going modular. Built–in hob resembles a permanent gas stove top, only the burners and upper surface is seen, everything else like the gas pipe and inner mechanism remain under the counter top since it’s desirable to conceal all those specifics of cook top inside the counter, isn’t it? More so, when you want to match the ideal kitchen your friends boast of!

An even up-market product is built-in induction hob. Being the latest entrants into modern-day kitchen, it almost sits flush with your counter top and appears as part of it and are known to adhere improved functionalities over gas hobs. Know how.

So, kitchen queens, brace yourself and work like a pro!

Induction hobs, stepping ahead the dull-looking stoves and gas hobs for that matter, are energy efficient, cleaner, and safer than cook tops. Induction hobs help save energy by heating only pan area, rather than all around it. The surface of induction hob cools down as soon as the pan is removed.

Kaff’s induction built-in hob come with two or four cooking zones or induction burners, it works whether you cook a lot or not much. The heat generation in the appliance is instant and features easy control.

Unless you are fond of modish look, built-in induction hob might not be the appliance you’re looking for. That is, if you do not subscribe to the “basic is better” school of thought, built-in induction hobs featuring auto-electric ignition are for you. With a high tech flare and touch of elegance, Kaff models boast the best built-in induction hobs in India.

Fancy array of Kaff’s best kitchen induction hobs in India come in two most vibrant sizes - 30 cm and 60 cm and are set free from contaminated food particles, dust, rust etc. and thus, prevent dirt accumulation. Its distinctive design creates a seamless finish that strengthens your kitchen’s value. So, this is the one appliance you’re looking after, since long to attract everyday elegance in your kitchen and make you an ace home-maker, at the same time.

For many of the super exciting reasons, choose Kaff.

Kaff’s impeccable built-in induction hob range provides an array of functionality, committed to put the yardstick in quality, service, safety and style.

Built-in into the kitchen slab, all the models come in tempered glass or stainless steel finish. Being the style enthusiast that you are, you already know that this is especially useful feature for home-makers.

Long lasting durability and beauty which matches most counter tops are defining features of Kaff. It goes along very well with the already existing kitchen cabinetry. They create a flawless kitchen designwhich everyone seems to love.An essential touch-controlfeature in all the Kaff built-in induction hobs for kitchen gives you the best of both worlds!

We design dream kitchen for you!

Sailing since 1999, Kaff India is an unbeaten maestro in the sphere of opulent and slickkitchen appliances world today. We deliver unique solutions based on client’s specific requirements.  We have kept evolving our kitchen appliances and solutions bringing the growth in our global clientele. We provide after-sales support too.

 Kaff kitchen hobs, along the similar lines, are epitome of smart, reliable and innovative appliance in the market. We have been establishing lasting relations with our wide spread clientele as we make sure that your induction hob is set up for life. Spreading smiles among cooking whizz, is the magnificence of the appliances we have it here on kaff.in

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