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Built-in Hobs

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  • KHN 905 HD

    KHN 905 HD

  • KHNY 90

    KHNY 90

  • KHNY 77 2TR
  • KHNX 906 2TR
  • KH100 4BG

    KH100 4BG

  • KHSF 90

    KHSF 90

  • KHB 86BR 5 (Black)
  • KH 86 BR 53
  • NBD2T904 BG
  • NQ 2T 90 BG
  • KH86BR41


  • KHSF 77

    KHSF 77

  • Buy Sleek and Classy Built-in Hobs Online from Kaff India

    Built-in hobs are ultra stylish and voguish appliances that make our kitchen look amazing, it helps in making our work super efficient. One can’t think of food or even a kitchen without a gas stove.  So why not get a Gas stove that revamps the look of your kitchen and is equally efficient in preparing the food? Built-in hobs are modern day supplements to these simple looking gas stoves. The Kitchen hobs utilize every space and it also enhances the interiors of the kitchen. Kaff’s built-in hobs are durable and easy to use. Kaff has engineered hobs which possess European stylish designs and also adheres to the demands of Indian house makers.

    Buy Built-in Hobs Online from Kaff that provides Best Designs

    Kaff motto is to provide a healthy and hygienic kitchen with every appliance. It provides a wide array of design options, mostly developed with stainless steel or tempered glass to give an exquisite finish to the kitchen cabinet. Talking about the burners, Kaff provides multi burner options that range from 1 to 6 burners, mostly depends on the requirement of the household and the family size. Built-in hobs by Kaff keeps in view the width requirement of every house, one can buy hobs ranging from 30cm to 90cm. Do measure your kitchen cabinet before ordering one! If you’re looking for induction base built in hob , they are also easily available. Kaff’s product keeps in view your convenience and makes cooking a pleasurable experience.

    Built-in Hobs Online from Kaff India that has Multifunctional Features

    The features of KAFF’s built in hobs can’t be undermined, they all are energy efficient and provide ultra-edge with its ergonomic easy grip knobs, auto ignition feature and great vessel support. Their surface or body designs make cleaning easy and simple and the risk of food particles getting collected is ruled out. Indian cooking required the combination of right temperature and right flame, combination of heavy duty triple flame, mini triple flame and dual flame in Kaff’s built in hobs helps to select the right the burner according to the power required.

    Kaff India Ultimate Buyer’s Choice for Built-in Hobs

    Gas stoves are essential for any kitchen, but with trend setting, cooking hobs are the call for every household that demands for a sleek design with multiple features and at a pocket friendly price. The modern built in hobs have been developed with such an innovative technology that is European Styled but follows the standards of Indian cooking and the needs of the Indian Households. The objective of modern built-in hobs was to bring forth a double and triple ring burner with an improved type that provides great degree of safety. So let your kitchen enjoy the new set of trendy kitchen appliances and get introduced to contemporary cooking style with Kaff’s built-in hobs that is all set to serve you with the tasty delicacies every day.

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1-12 of 36

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